Nabtesco Motion Control

Nabtesco is the world's largest manufacturer of precision cycloidal gearboxes, and leads the precision gear market in providing single axis servo-actuators and controllers, hollow shaft gear heads, and high performance reduction gears. Nabtesco has manufacturing locations around the world. RV-C Nabtesco's cycloidal gear boxes provide large torque and high ratios with close to zero backlash, providing high repeatability. Nabtesco cycles and tests the backlash measurement of each gearbox before it leaves their manufacturing facility to ensure that every product meets Nabtesco's high quality standards. Although the Nabtesco name is relatively new, the companies that formed Nabtesco in 2003 have origins in the aviation, textile machinery, and machine tool industries going back several decades. Nabtesco products are used on a wide range of applications, including industrial robotics, factory automation, welding, machine tools, semiconductors, medical imaging, wind turbine generators, and satellite antenna systems. Nabtesco's goal is to become the world leader for air, land, and marine motion control applications, which is demonstrated by Nabtesco's current organization as four divisions: Industrial, Aircraft & Oil Hydraulic, Transportation, and Precision.