Linear Actuators, Electric Brakes, Clutches, Couplings, Pulleys, Gears, Hydrostatic Variators, Reducers, Synchronous Drives


High Quality, High Performance Industrial Belting Solutions And Servicing

Apex Dynamics

High Precision Planetary Gearboxes, Rack & Pinion Systems, Inline, Right Angle, and Spiral Bevel Gearbox Solutions


Inductive Sensors, Capacitive Sensors, Magnetic Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors, Precision Limit Switches My-Com, Incremental Encoders, Magnetic Encoders, Absolute Single-Turn & Multi-Turn Encoders


AC, DC, PMDC motors, Gearboxes, Gear reducers, Gear motors


Heavy Duty Industrial Belts, Synchronous/Timing Belts, Light Duty FHP Belts, Banded Belts, V-Ribbed Belts, Variable Speed V-Belts, Snowmobile Belts, Heavy Duty Industrial Pulleys, Bushings & Sprockets


Electrical connectors, crimping & cutting tools and identification & labeling systems.

Control Techniques

AC Drives, DC Drives, AC Motors, Servo Drives, Servo Motors, Soft Starters, Drive Systems, Motion Control

EPC Encoder Products Company Logo

Encoders: Incremental, Absolute, & Linear; Shaft, Thru-Bore, & Hollow Shaft; Stainless Steel


Linear Actuators, Rotary Actuators, Electronic Embedded Actuators

H2flow Emotron

Shaft Power Monitors, Softstarters, Variable Speed Drives, Compact Drives, Drive Systems

Hammond Mfg

Electrical Enclosures and Accessories, Mild and Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Non-Metalic, Disconnect, Modular, Wireway & trough


World Class Sensors For All Types Of Automated Machinery

Hub City

Worm Gear Speed Reducers, Aluminum Worm Gear Drives, Bevel Gear Drives, Cooling Tower Drives, Parallel Shaft Drives, Shaft Mount Reducers, Electric Motors, Helical In-Line Drives, Compact Helical Parallel Drives, Helical-Bevel Gear Drives, Helical-Worm Gear Drives, Mounted Bearings, Farm Products & Accessories, AGRI-HUB Bevel Gear Drives

IKO Linear

Slide Guides, Linear Bearings, Ball Splines, Rotary Ball Splines, Slide Bushings, Slide Units, Stroke Bushings, Slide Rotary Bushings, Slide Shafts, Slide Ways, Slide Table, Gonio Ways, Actuators, Slide Screws


Standard and Corrosion Resistant Bearings, Pillow block, 2,3, and 4 bolt bearings, Flange Bracket and Hanger Unit Bearings


Variable Frequency Drives For Easy, Precise & Reliable Motor Control.

Joyce Dayton

Machine Screw Jacks, Machine Screw ComDrives, Ball Scew Jacks, Metric Screw Jacks, Bevel Gear Jacks, Bevel Ball Jacks, Limit Switches, Miter Gear Boxes, Linear Actuators


AC Drives, DC Drives, VFD Drives, Triac Fan Controls


Electro-Hydraulic Actuators, Electro-Mechanical Actuators, Actuation Solutions For OEMs


Motor Control and Protection, Control and Signalling, Circuit Protection and Isolation, Automation and Control, Energy Management

Maple Systems

Touchscreen HMI's, Panel PC's, Operator Interface Terminals, Web Studio SCADA Software

Marathon Electric Logo

Variable Speed AC Vector Motors, 1000/2000:1 Turn Down Ratio, Closed Loop, Variable Speed Pump, HVAC, Premium Efficiency, DC Permanent Magnet, IEC/NEMA, Brake, & Severe Duty Motors


Industrial Control Products, Industrial Control Relays, Timing Relays, Magnetic Contactors, Magnetic Starters, Overload Relays, Pushbuttons, Stacklights, Limit Switches, Cam Switches, Motor Disconnect Switches, Manual Motor Protectors, Circuit Breakers, Fusible Disconnect Switches, Insulating Material Enclosures, Steel Enclosures, Transformers


High Performance Reduction Gears & Servo Actuators


Standard and Custom Solutions for Motion Control Applications


High Precision Linear Encoders & Digital Readouts


Friction Clutches, Tension Control Clutches, Tooth Clutches, Overload Protection Devices, Friction Brakes, Tension Control Brakes, Clutch-Brakes, Tension Controls, Web Guiding Controls

Nidec Control Techniques

AC/DC Drives, AC/DC Servo Drives, AC/DC Motors, AC/DC Servo Motors, Linear Motors, Motion Control, Communications, Software, Soft Starters, Cooling Towers, Harmonic Reduction


Belting: Power Transmission, Machine Tapes, Conveyor, Folder-Gluer, Seamless

Nord Gear

Reducers, Gearmotors, Motors, Frequency Inverters, Decentral Controllers, Mechanical Variable Speeds

Parker Electrical/Mechanical Automation Logo

Actuators, Slides, & Stages, AC/DC Servo/Stepper Drives, Contollers & Motors, Planetary Gear Reducers, Multi-Axis Controllers, Cartesian Robots, HMIs & Industrial PCs, Linear Rollerscrew Actuators, Rodless Actuators, Rotary Positioners, Structural Aluminum


Metric and Imperial Power Transmission Products, Bearings, Components and Linear

Red Lion Logo

Industrial Interface and Communications, Touch Screens, Ethernet Switches, Panel Meters


Cable & Pipe Seals with Multidiameter Technology


R2000 Bearings, Type E Bearings, Journal Bearings, Couplings, Set Collars, Commercial Roller Bearings


Bellow Couplings, Torque Limiters, Miniature Couplings, Elastomer Couplings, Linear Couplings, Line Shafts


Extensive Line of Cables, Wire, and High Quality Custom Designed Cables For Diverse Industries

Saginaw Control & Engineering

Enclosures: Pushbutton, Operator System, Type 12 Steel & Stainless Steel, Type 12 Disconnect, Type 12 IMS, Type 1, Type 3R, Type 4 Disconnect, Type 4, Type 4X Stainless Steel, Type 4X Fiberglass


High Precision Inline and Right-Angle Planetary Gearboxes Strain Wave Gearboxes Right-Angle Worm Gearboxes Gearmotor Assemblies Rotary and Indexing Traction Drives Inline Cycloidal Gearboxes Mechanical Adjustable Drives


Single And Three Phase AC Electric Motors, DC Motors, And Electronics

Thomson Logo

True Planetary Gearheads, AC/DC Actuators, Positioning Slides, Profile Rail, Linear Guides, Ball & Lead Screws, Clutches & Brakes

Tolomatic Logo

Roller Screws, Electric Rod And Rodless Style Linear Actuators, Power Transmission

Trio Motion Logo

Multi-axis Motion Coordinators for Servos, Steppers, and Encoders.

TruTech Logo

Standard & Custom design Brush, Brushless, Linear Motors, Servo Motors and Accessories

Trio Motion Logo

Specialists in Manufacturing AC and DC Electric Motors


Offering advanced and cost-effective PLC, I/O, HMI and software solutions for over 30 years.

Wieland Electric USA

Terminal Blocks, Multi-Pole Connectors, Power Supplies, Safety Technology, Relays, Wire Management, Solar Connectors, Power Bus Systems


Flexible Shaft Couplings, Overhung Load Adapters, Power Transmission Products, Wind Turbine Products.

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