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Terms Of Service


By viewing the content of the dp Brown of Saginaw/dp Technologies Group (hereinafter, “DP TECHNOLOGIES”) website (hereinafter, “SITE”), the viewer (hereinafter, “USER”) thereby assents to all terms and conditions expressed herein. Should a USER not agree to the Terms and Conditions presented herein, the USER should immediately exit the SITE and contact DP TECHNOLOGIES by telephone at (989) 799-9400.

These terms and conditions shall be construed to apply only to the SITE and the transactions conducted therethrough. Therefore, any existing relationships between DP TECHNOLOGIES and other parties are not intended to be modified by these terms and conditions.


The content included upon the SITE is provided for informational purposes only. The information provided herein shall not be construed to be definitive with respect to product specifications, dimensions, capabilities, prices, or availability. Consequently, a USER should not rely upon information included within the SITE without first consulting DP TECHNOLOGIES personnel.


All prices included within the SITE will be determined by DP TECHNOLOGIES. All prices displayed are in U.S. Dollars.

As a consequence of changes to both the SITE and applicable laws, the privacy policy of DP TECHNOLOGIES with respect to the SITE may be altered from time to time as may be necessary. Changes to the privacy policy regarding the SITE will be made at the sole discretion of DP TECHNOLOGIES.

Any quote provided to a USER by DP TECHNOLOGIES is valid for a limited period of time, the limited period of time to be determined by DP TECHNOLOGIES.

In absence of an agreement to the contrary between a USER and DP TECHNOLOGIES, the duration of validity for a quote is 30 calendar days from the date upon which the quote is sent from DP TECHNOLOGIES to a USER. Any agreement extending the duration of validity of a quote provided by DP TECHNOLOGIES must in writing and signed by an authorized representative of the DP TECHNOLOGIES.

Shipping Charges

USER is responsible for the payment of all shipping charges incurred when placing an order with DP TECHNOLOGIES. Shipping charges may include, but are not limited to: packaging, crating, shipping, and surcharges. USER will be notified of shipping costs prior to shipment of the order.


USER is responsible for payment of all applicable taxes. Taxes may include, but are not limited to: sales taxes, excise taxes, use taxes, or any other taxes that may be incurred by DP TECHNOLOGIES in the process of completing an order placed by USER.


All purchases are to be paid by credit card or postal money order, unless USER has filed the appropriate documentation with DP TECHNOLOGIES and has been approved thereby for a pre-determined line of credit.

Until a USER has received a communication stating that the USER has been granted a line of credit by DP TECHNOLOGIES, that USER does not have a line of credit with DP TECHNOLOGIES. Therefore, a request for a line of credit does not in any way provide a USER to a line of credit.

Requests for a line of credit may be faxed to (989) 799-6950 or emailed to

Return Policy

Absolutely no returns will be accepted without a return authorization number (hereinafter, “RGA”).

Not all products sold by DP TECHNOLOGIES are eligible for return. Should a USER desire to return a product purchased from DP TECHNOLOGIES to DP TECHNOLOGIES, the USER must first contact DP TECHNOLOGIES to receive an RGA.

The eligibility of a product for return shall be at the sole discretion of DP TECHNOLOGIES.

Should a product need to be returned to DP TECHNOLOGIES, the USER shall be responsible for the costs of shipping the product to DP TECHNOLOGIES.

Returned products may be subject to a restocking fee. The restocking fee shall be determined at the sole discretion of DP TECHNOLOGIES. A USER will be informed of any restocking fees that may be applicable at the time an RGA is issued by DP TECHNOLOGIES.

It is advisable for a USER making an authorized return of a product to obtain insurance for the product, as DP TECHNOLOGIES hereby disclaims any liability whatsoever for products in transit for return. The risk-of-loss of a returned product does not pass to DP TECHNOLOGIES until the product has been received by DP TECHNOLOGIES accompanied by an RGA and any applicable fees.

Order Cancellation Policy

All cancelled orders for standard products may be subject to order cancellation charges. Standard products, if unused may be returned in accordance with the current return policy. All returns are subject to prior approval by DP Technologies Group, and return charges may apply. No return credit for any product will be issued or authorized prior to evaluation of the product by DP Technologies Group. Custom products are not returnable. Orders for custom products are not cancelable.


All products included herein are sold under the product manufacturer's respective warranties, and are not sold with any additional warranty beyond that of the manufacturer.


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