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Eco IP55

Energy Efficient AC Variable Frequency Drives

Energy saving operation with each motor type requires no additional options

Eco Family

  • Accurate Speed Control
  • Energy Optimisation Function
  • Resonance Avoidance
  • Sleep and Wake Functions
  • Intelligent Maintenance Interval
Invertek's Optidrive Eco uses advanced motor control designed to provide the most energy efficient motor control possible.
Operation with standard IM Motors, Permanent Magnet or Synchronous Reluctance motors is possible, all without requiring any feedback device or optional modules – simply change parameters to suit the connected motor, autotune and operate! Eco Vector continuously adjusts in real time to provide the most efficient operating conditions for the load, typically reducing energy consumption by 2 – 3% compared to standard AC drives – providing similar long term costs savings to selecting a higher efficiency motor.
Optidrive Eco drives up to frame size 5 are designed with film capacitors, replacing the traditional electrolytic capacitors used in the DC link. Film capacitors have lower losses, and also remove the need for AC, DC or swinging chokes, improving overall drive efficiency. Efficiency is improved by up to 4% compared to standard AC drives, whilst also reducing supply current total harmonic distortion (iTHD), improving the Real Power Factor and reducing total input current, leading to cost savings on installation through reduced cable and fuse ratings and smaller supply transformer rating.
These Drives provide efficient, reliable and quiet control and are designed to provide maximum operating efficiency whilst minimizing environmental impact. They deliver performance and flexibility, whilst meeting the key standards and requirements of demanding applications. IP55 rated drives are protected from low pressure water jets and dust.


   Sizes 4-7; up to 160kW

   Simple Commissioning

   Internal EMC filter

   Low noise operation

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