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HMI 5150P 15" TFT LCD Touchscreen

Advanced 15” Widescreen | Aluminum Enclosure | Extended Temperature

The Maple Systems HMI5150P offers a durable aluminum enclosure to reduce external EMF noise interference, and the ability to operate in an extended temperature range (0 to 50 °C).
This unit contains a VNC server allowing for remote communication to the HMI via computer, smart phone, or tablet. This HMI is programmed using Maple's EZwarePlus software.
*Indoor use only.
HMI5150P Certs

 15” TFT LCD Display
 1024 x 768 pixel resolution
 32 Bit 800 MHz CPU
 256MB RAM + 256MB Memory (flash)
 Built in VNC Server
 IP65 compliant front panel

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