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HMI5150XL 15" TFT LCD Touchscreen HMI

Advanced 15” Widescreen HMI | High-Speed | High-Resolution

The Maple Systems HMI5150XL offers a sleek aluminum enclosure, high-speed performance, and excellent connectivity options with a bright 1024 x 768 pixel touchscreen , and 1GHz microprocessor. This unit's VNC server allows for remote communication to the HMI via computer, smart phone, or tablet. It is programmed using EZwarePlus software.
HMI5150XL Certs

 15” TFT LCD Display
 1024 x 768 pixel resolution
 32 Bit 1 GHz CPU
 256MB RAM + 256MB Memory (flash)
 Built in VNC Server
 IP65 compliant, NEMA 4X indoor use only

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