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Flexbloc Gear Motor

0.16 HP - 5.5 HP
Torque Range: 186 lb-inch - 3,780 lb-inch

The Nord FLEXBLOC Series utilizes a compact, universal worm gear housing that offers exceptional modularity and adaptability to any mounting position.
Accessory kits are easily assembled by NORD, dp Brown, or the customer, and help to provide maximum flexibility and various mounting possibilities. Hollow-bore gear units can be quickly converted to solid shaft models using a plug-in shaft kit. The shaft may be extended out either side or both sides of the worm unit. In addition, a longer solid shaft kit may be provided for use with various bolt-on flange-kits.
All FLEXBLOC worm modules and accessory kits are stocked at the factory to guarantee quick shipment upon order. Motorized units are commonly supplied with NEMA or IEC input and NORD motor or brake motor.
Special provisions may be made to provide integral motor assemblies.
NORD's FLEXBLOC worm gear units provide a high level of power density and are extremely compact.
The simple, but effective Flexbloc design provides considerable installation space advantages in comparison with other gear unit types. Available in hollow or solid shaft, Bolt-on, flange, angled, and foot-mounted options,the Flexbloc line is an excellent solution for long term, low-noise operation and high torque transmission applications.

FLEXBLOC Model Numbering System

Flexbloc Numbers

FLEXBLOC Unit Examples

Flexbloc Examples


   High Overload Capacity

   Soft, Quiet Operation

   Modular, Flexible Application

   Simple, Proven Design


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