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Minicase Worm Gear Units

Efficient, Low Maintenance, Compact Gear Solutions

Minicase Gear Motor

0.16 HP - 5.5 HP
Torque Range: 186 lb-inch - 3,780 lb-inch

Nord's MINICASE (SMI Series) worm gear is a compact worm gear characterized by its smooth outer surface design and it’s separate foot-mount and flange-mount housings.
These housings are designed to accommodate the bolt-on torque arm or flange kit. In addition, NORD’s latest MINICASE worm gear offering is designed to readily accept FLEXBLOC accessory kits.
Standard solid-shaft units are assembled with a one-piece output shaft while specific hollow-bore versions can accommodate plug-in solid shaft accessory kits as well as bushing kits. Motorized units are commonly supplied integrally or with a NEMA or IEC input, paired with a NORD motor.
MINICASE gearmotors and reducers are available with short lead-times and are assembled from stocked parts.

MINICASE Model Numbering System

Minicase Numbers

MINICASE Unit Examples

Minicase Examples


   Exceptional Service Life

   Modularity And Adaptability

   NEMA Or IEC Input Available

   Energy Efficient


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