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BK8 | Metal Bellows Coupling

Flange Mounting For Robot Gears

The BK8 is designed so that one side has a clamping hub with a single radial clamping screw (ISO 4762) and 
the other side has a flange-connection along with a separate intermediate flange.
It has an operating temperature range of -30 to 100 °C and a speed rating of 10,000 RPM. R+W's BK8 Bellows Couplings are maintenance-free and have an infinite life,
 if the technical ratings are not exceeded.
The hubs are made of aluminum (Series 300
 and 1500 made of steel) and bellows are made of
 highly flexible, high-grade stainless steel. The intermediate flange is made of steel (standard). This is a zero backlash solution with high torsional rigidity. The compact design offers easy assembly and is well suited for space restricted installations.
*Custom designs with varied tolerances, key-ways, non-standard
 material and bellows are available upon request.

BK8 Diagram

BK8 Series Variants

*See above picture for reference

ItemI.D. H7(mm)MomentInertia 10-3Weight(Kg)Axial(mm)Lateral(mm)Angular(deg)Fastening screwTorque (Screw)Distance CenterLinesDistanceMount Length (mm)Flange O.D.Flange Bolt Circle/ThredMax TqLength (mm)Length (mm)Hub O.D. (mm)Flange O.D. (mm)Bolt Diameter (mm)Thread
BK8-1512-280,150,310,2511x M581x17,56,516,540h731,5 / 8x M55048,5684963,556,510x M4

BK8-6014-350,650,71,50,2511x M8451x239,52363h750 / 8x M6210679766867610x M5

BK8-15019-421,3120,2511x M10801x271127,580h763 / 12x M638072101821089710x M6

BK8-30024-605,52,82,50,2511x M121201x391334100h780 / 12 M87509012811013212012x M6

BK8-150050-80451030,2512 x M204702x5522,555160h7125 / 12x M10260014019015718817016 x M8

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