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BKS | Stainless Steel Coupling

Clamping Hub

The BKS coupling is designed with a single ISO 4762 radial clamping screw per hub.
This is an easy mount coupling with laser welded stainless steel bellows and hub. It's compact form and high temperature rating (-40 to 300 °C) make it ideal for extreme temperature applications where space is limited. There is absolutely no backlash due to the frictional clamp type connection. These couplings have an infinite lifespan and are maintenance-free if the technical ratings are not exceeded.
The bellows are made of highly flexible high-grade
 stainless steel (See table for hub materials). R+W's BKS is made to operate at speeds up to 10,000 rpm, in excess of 30,000 available with a finely balanced version. Custom designs with varied tolerances, key-ways, non-standard material, bellows and ATEX designs are available upon request.
Self opening clamp system optional: Loosening the clamping screw applies force to the pin, which will force the clamp into the open position for easy mounting and dismounting.

BKS Diagram

BKS Series Variants

*See above picture for reference

ItemTorque(Nm)Length (mm)Fit Length (mm)I.D. possible Ø - Ø H7 (mm)O.D. (mm)MomentInertiaWeight (kg)TorsionStiffnessAxial(mm)Lateral(mm)Angular(deg)AxialSpringStiffness(N/mm)LateralSpringStiffness(N/mm)Fastening screwTorque (Screw)Distance (mm) FDistance (mm) GSpeed






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