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EK6 | Elastomer Coupling

With Conical Clamping Rings

The EK6 has two coupling hubs that are concentrically machined with curved jaws, and one elastomer insert that is made with precision molded, wear resistant, and thermally stable polymer.
These hubs provide very high clamping forces and are made of high strength aluminum up to series 450; series 800 and up are made of steel.
See table for rated operating speeds. *2.5 Balance grade is available upon request.
This a long-term, backlash free, vibration damping, electrically isolating solution that can be axially mounted. It utilizes a press fit design that makes for a quick and easy installation.

EK6 Diagram1 EK6 Diagram2

EK6 Series Variants

*See above picture for reference

ItemTorque(Nm)LengthO.D. BFit Length (mm)I.D. (mm)I.D. InsertMomentInertia 10-3Weight (g)ScrewScrew TqDistance (mm)Speed StdSpeed BalMax TqInsert
EK6-1012,6|16|44232156-1614,20,0040,083x M32-2000053|63|4025|32|6A|B|C

EK6-2017|21|65643208-2419,20,0150,126x M43-1900045|60|3534|42|12A|B|C

EK6-6060|75|2064562312-3226,20,050,34x M56-1400031|31|25120|150|35A|B|C

EK6-150160|200|427666,52819-3529,20,10,58x M57-1300022|26|18320|400|85A|B|C

EK6-300325|405|8496823620-4536,20,30,98x M612-1000022|26|16650|810|170A|B|C

EK6-450530|660|951101024228-5546,20,851,58x M835-900016|17|121060|1350|190A|B|C

EK6-800950|1100|240138136,55332-8060,59,29,68x M1055-400013|13|81900|2150|400A|B|C

EK6-25001950|2450177160/1597040-958031,71510x M1060-350010|103900|4900A|B

EK6-45005000|6200227225/2089050-130113135,73510x M121005130008|810000|12400A|B

EK6-950010000|1250028228511260-170145469,27310x M161606620006,5|6,520000|25000A|B

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