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EZ2 | Line Shaft

With Split Clamping Hubs

The EZ2 Line Shaft features two coupling hubs that are concentrically machined with curved jaws. The two coupling elements are connected with a precise and concentrically machined aluminum tube.
Clamping hubs are made from high strength aluminum up to size 450, sizes 800 and up are steel. Intermediate tubes up to series 450 are precision machined aluminum, series 800 and up are steel.
*Composite tubes are also available.
The elastomer inserts are precision molded, wear resistant, and thermally stable polymer. They are available in type A or B. Lengths of up to four meters are standard and there is no intermediate support bearing required. There is no backlash thanks to the frictional clamp connections. This is a low inertia solution with a vibration damping, press-fit design.
Rated speeds vary, call us with your application speed and we will help you select the perfect line shaft for your application.


9 - 25,000 NM

EZ2 Diagram1 EZ2 Diagram2

EZ2 Series Variants

*See above picture for reference

ItemLength AO.D. B1O.D. B2O.D. BSLength CI.D. D1D2Screw EScrew Tq EDistance FDistance GShaft NLength ORated TqInsert
EZ2-575 - 3.000252525135-12,74xM328518119|12A|B

EZ2-1095 - 4.000322832205-164xM4410,57,52616,612,5|16A|B

EZ2-20130 - 4.000423544,5258-254xM5815,58,53318,617|21A|B

EZ2-60175 - 4.0005650574014-324xM6152115493260|75A|B

EZ2-150200 - 4.00066,560684719-364xM8352417,55737160|200A|B

EZ2-300245 - 4.0008276855519-454xM107029206742325|405A|B

EZ2-450280 - 4.000102901056524-604xM1212038257852530|660A|B

EZ2-800320 - 4.000136,51201397935-804xM1629050,5309462950|1100A|B

EZ2-2500460-4.0001601501558835-904xM162905718 | 30108671950|2450A|B



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