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FK1 | Micro-Flex Coupling

Radial clamping is achieved on the FK1 with two (ISO 4766) M2 set screws.
It has an operating temperature range of -35 to 90 °C (-31 to 194 °F) and a speed rating of up to 10.000 U/min.
These couplings are maintenance-free if the technical limits are not exceeded. Brief overloads up to 1.5 times the value specified are acceptable. This is a Polyamid coupling with stainless steel hubs. The standard bore diameter is 1.5 mm (other bore diameters upon request). The extended diameter can be reduced by using a flattened shaft. A further reduction of the ø to 4.5 mm can be reached by using a M2x1.5 set screw (Additional Charge).

FK1 Diagram

FK1 Series Variants

*See above picture for reference

ItemTorque(Nm)I.D. (mm)MomentInertia 10-3TorsionStiffnessWeight (g)AxialLateral(mm)Angular(deg)
FK111,5 / 1,5 or 2 / 1,55,3923 (measured at 20 deg C)0,470,20,11,5

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