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MKS | Miniature Coupling

With Conical Clamping Rings

The MKS has hubs with conical clamping rings, each with four (ISO 4017) fastening screws. It has an operating temperature range of -30 to 110 °C (-22 to 230 °F) and a standard speed rating of 120,000 RPM**. Standard balancing grade G = 2.5 (higher balancing grade upon request)
The high strength conical clamps and low inertia properties make this coupling well suited for high speed, highly dynamic applications. Easily mounted, this coupling compensates for three types of misalignment.
It is a maintenance free solution with an infinite service life when operated within the technical specifications.
The bellows are made from highly flexible, high grade stainless steel while the hubs and conical clamping rings are made from high strength aluminum.
*Non standard applications: Custom designs with various tolerances, materials, dimensions, etc. available upon request.


4.5 - 10 NM

MKS Diagram

MKS Series Variants

*See above picture for reference

ItemTorque(Nm)LengthO.D. BFit Length (mm)I.D. (mm)MomentInertia 10-3TorsionStiffnessFastenerTorque (Screw)Weight (g)Distance (mm)AxialLateral(mm)Angular(deg)
MKS-454,54232146-106570003xM31,3518,50,50,1 | 0,050,5

MKS-100104840168-1422690504xM31,31039,50,750,1 | 0,050,5

MKS-1501553492010-19561230008xM31,3171130,750,1 | 0,050,5

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