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SLP | Torque Limiter

With Key-Way Connection

The SLP is a corrosion resistant, precision torque limiting coupling with a pure key-way connection. Key-ways are per DIN 6885 or ANSI standard dimensions.
It provides a compact, rigid, backlash free interface for drive and driven components. An actuation ring that moves upon disengagement can be used to trigger an external sensor.
The torque limiting portion is easy to set up and delivers precise, reliable overload protection.
This coupling will deliver a long, maintenance free service life while operated within the technical specifications.
It has a short, compact and extremely light weight design that makes for easy assembly where space is limited.


10 - 700 NM

SLP Diagram

SLP Series Variants

*See above picture for reference

ItemLength AActuation Ring BI.D. D(mm)Diameter E(mm)Bolt Diameter (mm) FThread Depth GThread HLength (mm) JDistance KDistance LActuation Dist NBase Element O (mm)Adj. Nut O1(mm)Flange O2(mm)Adj. Nut RScrew RScrew Tq RMomentInertia 1Weight (kg)Adj Tq
SLP-30306312-25,4 (28)434858xM426231,3355558M320,10,210-35 | 30-80 | 40-135

SLP-60357416-30 (32)536068xM427261,5426672M320,40,3530-80 | 60-120 | 100-200

SLP-150419219-44 (46)687578xM539321,8548287M321,10,740-100 | 100-200 | 150-300

SLP-3004811822-54 (58)859598xM63936270100110M44,52,31,1200-350 | 300-450 | 400-550 | 550-700

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