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C48 | Panel Meters

Dual 6 Digit LCD Display

Red Lion's C48 counter/timer panel meters are available as a standard counter/timer or a batch counter/timer.
The standard unit is available with single or dual presets while the batch model has a main process counter or timer with dual presets and a secondary counter with a single preset. The secondary counter can be selected to function as a batch or a total counter.

 Easy to read display
 Wide range of inputs
 User programmable
 Standard and Batch models
The C48 has a dual line display with six digit LCD display available in positive image reflective or negative image transmissive with red (top line) and green (bottom line) with backlighting.
It offers a selectable input that accepts signals from a variety of different sensors. This line also features programmable user inputs and front panel function key. The user inputs can be configured as sinking (active low) or sourcing (active high) inputs via a single plug jumper. The user inputs and the front panel function key can be configured to provide a variety of functions.

All of the C48 models offer solid-state outputs with NPN current sinking or PNP current sourcing (select models), open-collector transistor outputs. All relay output boards are field replaceable.

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