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CR1070210 | 7" Widescreen HMI

1 Ethernet Port | 1 RS-232, 1 RS-422/485 Serial Ports

The Red Lion CR1000 and CR3000 automation HMIs enable integrators and system designers to cost effectively plan for future reconfiguration or feature upgrades without scrapping existing equipment. This has a lot to do with Red Lion’s protocol communication capabilities, which are among the most powerful in the industry.
Red Lion's CR1070210 HMI communicates with over 300 protocols and easily converts between serial, USB and Ethernet devices. It runs on 24VDC and features a 7 inch 800x480px, 16M color display in Widescreen format, 1 USB device port for configuration upload/download and an SD card slot for database upload/download. These HMIs are field proven with a remarkable track record of durability. This model is suitable for indoor use and meets NEMA 4x/IP66 in addition to being UL Listed.


Red Lion CR Series Variants

ModelIndoor/OutdoorSizeDisplaySerialEthernetUSB HostExpansionCard Support
CR100040210 Indoor 4" 480x272 2 1 0 No SD Card

CR100070210 Indoor 7" 800x480 2 1 0 No SD Card

CR100010210 Indoor 10" 800x600 2 1 0 No SD Card

CR300040310 Indoor 4" 480x272 3 1 1 Network SD Card

CR300070420 Indoor 7" 800x480 4 2 2 Network SD Card

CR300010420 Indoor 10" 800x600 4 2 2 Network SD Card

CR300015420 Indoor 15" 1024x768 4 2 2 Network SD Card

 800 x 480 Pixel Display

 Integrated Protocol Converter

 Ethernet: 1 x 10/100 Base-TX

 2 Serial Ports

 UL Listed

 MEMA 4x IP66

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