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GRAC0001 | Graphite Edge Controller

Red Lion's Graphite Edge controller is a rugged standalone industrial controller for modern industry.
It features all-metal construction and can be expanded with a variety of easily installed modules. The additional modules are implemented via expansion racks. One wide rack and three standard racks can be installed together with each Graphite HMI or controller for a maximum of twenty modules per tethered connection.

This controller efficiently combines IEC 61131 control capabilities with networking and data visualization alongside unmatched protocol conversion functionality, data logging and web serving. On board Ethernet, USB and serial ports make communication simple. It communicates with over 300 major industrial protocols right out of the box so you have the ability to map over 300 different drivers to other devices without the need for special gateways. Up to 18 simultaneous protocols can be supported at one time.

A robust built in web server provides remote visualization, access and control to reduce costly site visits. Built-in MQTT connectors accelerate IIoT projects with point-and-click simplicity.

Graphite Edge Racks

 IP20 Rated
 Expand functionality up to 25 modules
 IEC 61131 Programming
 CE, UL/cUL Hazardous approvals
 Rugged All-Metal construction
 Support up to 18 simultaneous protocols
 Built in webserver
 Translate between serial, USB and Ethernet devices

Graphite Edge Ports

ItemUSBEthernetRS232RS485USB Type B

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