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NT24K-12GX4 | Managed Ethernet Switches

Red Lion’s NT24k-12GX4 fully managed Gigabit Ethernet switch features eight 10/100/1000Base-TX (Gigabit copper) ports and four 1000Base-FX fiber ports with SC or ST connectors, providing a reliable and secure communication network to equipment in harsh environments. It is housed in a compact, hardened metal DIN-rail enclosure with redundant 10-49 VDC power inputs to safe-guard against power outages. Designed to handle the most demanding environments, the NT24k-12GX4 offers wire-speed throughput, expanded shock and vibration ratings and a wide -40° to 85°C operating temperature rating. IGMP auto-configuration, IEEE 802.1x with remote server authentication and N-Ring fast healing ring technology ensure quick deployment and robust secure network communications.

The NT24K line offers several network features that help provide network visibility, uptime, and security.

 IGMP Snooping: Internet Group Management Protocol allows the N-Tron switch to intelligently forward and filter multicast traffic.

 VLAN: Virtual Local Area Network allows switch segmentation in order to create two or more separate local area network domains.

 QoS: Quality of Service streamlines network operation by managing packet priority.

 Trunking: Trunking (aggregation) enables multiple physical ports to be linked together and function as one uplink to another identically configured trunking-capable switch.

 Port Mirroring: Port mirroring allows traffic on one port to be duplicated and sent to a designated mirror port. -Used to monitor Ethernet traffic on the designated source port using the assigned mirror port.

 SNMP: v1, v2, v3 and Web Browser Management make getting and using local environment data simple.

 IEEE 802.1x with RADIUS: Remote Server Authentication, provides enhanced network access control.

 DHCP Server Option 82 (Relay Agent Information), Option 61 (Client-Identifier), IP fallback

 RSTP-802.1d, 802.1w, 802.1D Provides fast recovery in response to network changes or failures

N-VIEW OPC PORT MONITORING The N-TRON N-View OLE for Process Control (OPC) Server Software can be combined with popular HMI software packages to add network traffic monitoring, trending and alarming to any application using NT24K switches. N-TRON's N-View Server collects 41 different traffic variables per port and 5 system level variables per switch. This information can provide a complete overview of the network load, service quality, and packet traffic. OPC client software can use N-View OPC Server data to resolve network problems quickly and improve system reliability.

N-RING TECHNOLOGY Offers detailed fault diagnostics, and a standard healing time of ~30ms. The ring manager periodically checks the health of the ring via packets. If the ring manager stops receiving these health check packets, it converts the ring to a linear bus topology within ~30ms. When all switches in the ring are N-TRON fully managed switches, a detailed ring map and fault location chart is provided on the ring manager’s web browser and OPC server to identify the health status of the ring. N-Link allows the linking of two N-Rings. Up to 250 fully managed N-TRON switches can participate in N-Ring topologies.

Red Lion NT24K-12GX4 Variants

*Part numbers ending in "-PT" are IEEE 1588v2 (PTP) capable.

ItemTotal Ports10/100fiberMountFiber TypeIP RatingH x W x D (in)PoEOperating TempFiber DistancePower
NT24k-12GX4-SC1284DIN-RailMultimodeIP205.9 x 3.1 x 5.54No-40 to 85C500m10-49VDC

NT24k-12GX4-SC-PT1284DIN-RailMultimodeIP205.9 x 3.1 x 5.54No-40 to 85C2Km10-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-101284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 3.1 x 5.54No-40 to 85C10Km10-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-10-PT1284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 3.1 x 5.54No-40 to 85C10Km10-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-401284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 3.1 x 5.54No-40 to 85C40Km10-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-40-PT1284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 3.1 x 5.54No-40 to 85C40Km10-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-801284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 3.1 x 5.54No-40 to 85C80Km10-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-80-PT1284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 3.1 x 5.54No-40 to 85C80Km10-49VDC

NT24k-12GX4-SC-POE1284DIN-RailMultimodeIP205.9 x 4.28 x 5.54Yes-40 to 80C500m22-49VDC

NT24k-12GX4-SC-POE-PT1284DIN-RailMultimodeIP205.9 x 4.28 x 5.54Yes-40 to 80C2km22-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-10-POE1284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 4.28 x 5.54Yes-40 to 80C10km22-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-10-POE-PT1284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 4.28 x 5.54Yes-40 to 80C10km22-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-40-POE1284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 4.28 x 5.54Yes-40 to 80C40km22-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-40-POE-PT1284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 4.28 x 5.54Yes-40 to 80C40km22-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-80-POE1284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 4.28 x 5.54Yes-40 to 80C80km22-49VDC

NT24k-12GXE4-SC-80-POE-PT1284DIN-RailSinglemodeIP205.9 x 4.28 x 5.54Yes-40 to 80C80km22-49VDC

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