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LD4 | Panel Meters

Up To 6 Digit LED Display

Red Lion's LD4 panel meters offer a large display in a small package. The 4 inch (101 mm) high LED characters are easily read from a distance of up to 180 feet. These units are Housed in an extremely rugged aluminum case and meet NEMA 4X/IP65 specifications. These panel meters are perfect for industrial applications. Various models for count/rate, time, voltage/current/process, strain gage and serial slave display are available. Some models provide dual setpoints for control and RS-232 or RS-485 communication to allow the displayed data to be networked.

 Easy to read display
 Wide range of available functions
 Ideal for industrial applications
 NEMA 4X/IP65 protection

Red Lion LD4 Series Variants

ItemFunctionDigitsBatchSet PointsCommunicationPower
LD400400 Counter 4 No No No Universal Power

LD400600 Counter 6 No No No Universal Power

LD4006P0 Dual Counter/Rate 6 Yes Yes Yes Universal Power

LD4A05P0 DC Volt/DC Current/Process 5 No Yes Yes Universal Power

LD4SG5P0 Strain Gage 5 No Yes Yes Universal Power

LD4SS6P0 Serial Slave 6 No Yes Yes Universal Power

LD4T06P0 Timer 6 Yes Yes Yes Universal Power

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