MC664 Quad Core

128 Axis Motion Controller

The MC664 / MC664-X is Trio’s highest performance and most flexible Motion Coordinator and is based on the Quad Core Cortex A9 1GHz ARM processor.

The MC664 (single core) and MC664X feature a total of 128 axes in software with up to 64 motor axes and 64 bit integer position registers. 64 bit floating point calculations are used for ultra precise axis resolution. Using expansion modules the MC664 range support up to 64 networked digital drives, 24 analogue servo drives, 25 pulse and direction drives and 25 absolute and incremental encoders. The MC664 single core Motion Coordinator is a "drop-in" replacement for the MC464 as it uses the same footprint as its predecessor. MC664

Configure your application by connecting up to 7 half-height expansion modules or 3 full-height expansion modules.
Each module easily attaches to the controller with a high density bus connection and a uniquely designed screw integrates the earth planes of all modules and Motion Coordinator together. Trio’s feature enable code system for axis activation allows the whole system to be scaled exactly to your requirements. The P876, P872 and P871 all come equipped with two axes per module as standard. To add further axes, the P914 Feature Enable Code can be purchased.

Each P914 doubles the available axes:
P861 + P914 = 2 Remote Axes P862 + P914 = 4 Remote Axes
P861 + 2 x P914 = 4 Remote Axes P862 + 2 x P914 = 8 Remote Axes
P861 + 3 x P914 = 8 Remote Axes P862 + 3 x P914 = 16 Remote Axes
P861 + 5 x P914 = 16 Remote Axes P862 + 5 x P914 = 64 Remote Axes
The enabled axes can be used via the built-in EtherCAT port or via the P876, P872 and P871 Expansion Modules. ECat

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