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AF14 Conductivity Measuring Sensor

Compact conductivity sensor with display

The CombiLyz AF14 conductivity transmitter is designed for media separation and analysis applications in the food and beverage industry and water treatment.
It provides outstanding benefits in terms of accuracy and display options. The measuring cell is a smooth, hermetically sealed body made of PEEK with a bore for the medium to flow through. The bore is surrounded by two coils: a primary coil with AC voltage and a secondary coil which receives a small , medium-induced voltage signal. The signal strength depends on the medium conductivity. The signal is electronically amplified to a linear, analog 4...20 mA output signal. The Pt100 sensor installed in the tip detects the media temperature to enable temperature compensation of the typically temperature-dependent measured conductivity.
The Pt100 signal is also provided as analog 4...20-mA output signal. Both coils and sensor are accommodated in the PEEK sensor housing with a surface roughness of (Ra) < 0.8 μm. This way, the conductivity sensor is perfect in hygienic processes or for aggressive media contact, such as acid or lye.

 All-in-One conductivity sensor
 Compact, food-safe, hygienic design
 Fast and easy sensor configuration and safe process monitoring
 Outstanding short reaction time and excellent temperature compensation
 Graphical display with user-configurable display and multi-color traffic light system
 Quick and reliable detection of different media even at severe temperature fluctuations

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