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Universal Temperature Transmitter Flex Top 2212

Universal In-Head Transmitter For CombiTemp Or OEM Applications

With integrated micro-USB port, automated cable compensation and a fast sampling time of less than 50 ms, Baumer's Flex Top 2212 stands out from other commercially available products and is also suitable for demanding applications in a wide variety of areas. The sensor inputs can optionally be configured for resistance thermometers, thermocouples, resistance sensors and voltage signals. Depending on requirements, a 2, 3 or 4-wire input can be selected. This makes the transmitters very flexible in their application, keeps stocks low and saves costs. The integrated standard interface allows simple and direct programming at any time and in any place. An additional interface is not necessary. It is embedded in silicone which makes it resistant to humid environments. It is ready for direct display mounting through UnitCom cable. This allows for comfortable operation on site by touch screen and rules out conversion errors. Furthermore it has a 6.5 mm center hole for fast sensor replacement and spring loaded mounting screws which ensures a safe fastening even in vibrating environments.

 Programmable through integrated USB port
 Accuracy better than 0.1°C for RTD elements
 Calibration for offset, slope, or polynomial adjustment
 Automatic cable compensation calibration (2-wire)
 Fast sampling time < 50 ms
 DIN Form B compatible

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