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IR08P02FF40NC1Z7SCV Inductive Proximity Switch

Inductive proximity switch - Factor 1 - All Metals

The Baumer IR08P02FF40NC1Z7SCV Inductive Proximity Switch is a Factor 1 sensor with a threaded chassis for easy mounting. Standard sensors face up to 70% reduction of the sensing distance towards non-ferromagnetic metals. Factor 1 sensors integrate a micro-controller for compensation. As a result, factor 1 sensors do not have the drawback of material-dependent reduction of the sensing distance. They feature negligible temperature drift and also stand out by high switching speed which makes them ideal for measurements on aluminum, non-ferrous metals and for rotation speed acquired towards gear wheels or perforated discs.

 Nominal sensing distance Sn 2 mm
 Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
 Stainless Steel Housing
 Protection class IP 67
 Detection of all metals
 NPN break function (NC)

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