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IWRM 12U9502 Inductive Distance Measuring Sensor

Distance-measuring, inductive sensors offer many application possibilities. A basic distinction is made between direct distance measurements/position feedback and indirect, specific measurements. They are based on the same measuring principle as inductive proximity switches. They generate a high-frequency electromagnetic field near the sensing face. A metal object penetrating this area will change the field depending on object distance, material and size. The change is detected by the sensor and converted into a proportional output signal. Standard AlphaProx sensors operate all-analog which makes them capable of high measuring speed together with excellent repeat accuracy, low readout noise and high resolution.

 Measuring Distance Sd: 1…1,5 mm
 Reference Distance: 1,15…1,35 mm
 Measuring Speed:< 0,5 mm/ms
 Repeat Accuracy: < 0,02 mm
 Linearity Error: ± 60 µm
 Temperature Coefficient: 1 µm/(K mm)

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