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O500ERGW1B72CU Through Beam Sensor

Through Beam Sensor For Longer Ranges

The Baumer O500 sensor line is ideal for object detection at distances up to 25 Meters. It is a powerful and compact (18mm width, 45mm height) sensor with a response time / release time of < 0,49ms
The O500ERGW1B72CU features a flashing light alignment / soiled lens indicator with an alignment optical axis < 1°, along with reverse polarity and short circuit protection. It is suitable for operation temperatures from -25...+60 °C. Protection Class IP 67

 Actual Range Sb 25m
 Nominal Range Sn 40m
 Alignment/Soiled Lens Indicator
 Green LED Power On Indicator
 Response Time/Release Time < 0,49ms
 Voltage Supply Range +Vs 10...30VDC

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