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PBM4 Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensor for industrial and mobile hydraulic applications

With the new PBM4 pressure transmitter, Baumer rounds out its portfolio for hydraulic applications and also offers an attractively priced solution for hydraulic applications. The PBM4 has a multitude of uses in manufacturing plant automation or vehicle and machinery production. This compact, robust pressure transmitter also displays its strengths in harsh environments, in limited spaces and mobile hydraulics. The different versions have a multitude of uses in hydraulic brake and drive systems between 25 and 1000 bar. The PBM4 handles high oil and ambient temperatures and large temperature fluctuations. The thin film measuring cell is welded directly to the process connection. A separate seal is therefore unnecessary, giving the PBM4 extremely high resistance, with up to double overpressure and ten times greater bursting pressure in the common measuring ranges. An optional damping element is available. High EMC, impact and vibration protection and a IP67 protection rating round out the reliable features of the PBM4.

 Measuring range 0…1000 bar
 Pressure type Relative (gauged)
 Max. measuring span 1000 bar
 Min. measuring span 10.0 bar
 Long term stability ≤ 0.2% FS/a
 Compensated temperature range 0…80 °C
 Rise time (10...90%) ≤ 1 ms
Media temperature up to 150 °C

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