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TCR6 Temperature Measuring Sensor

Monitoring of cooling circuits, pumps and compressors, marine industries

The TCR6 is a Thermocouple type sensor and behaves according to the Seebeck effect which describes the production of a charge shift on a conductor when there is a temperature difference along it. The magnitude of the charge shift depends on the material and its electric properties. If there is a conductive connection between two conductors made of different materials on one side and a temperature difference exists there, voltage is applied at the open ends. This voltage depends on the temperature difference and the electric properties of both materials; since they and their characteristics are known, the temperature can be measured via the voltage.

 Process temperature: -50…400 °C, -50…600 °C
 Max. flow velocity: 40 m/s , gases 5 m/s , liquids
 Available Pt100, Pt1000 configurations
 Degree of protection (EN 60529): IP 65
 Response time, T50: ≤ 1.5s , Ø4mm, ≤ 6.1s , Ø6mm ≤ 7.6s , Ø8mm ≤ 11.1s , Ø10mm
 Vibration (sinusoidal) (EN 60068-2-6) 1.6mm p-p (2…25 Hz), 4g (25…100 Hz), 1 octave/min. GL, test 2

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