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TFRN Temperature Measuring Sensor

Temperature Monitoring For Oil, Gas, Chemical, Energy and General Process Industries

The CombiTemp TFRN is easily configurable and features an optional touch screen display. It is a resistance type thermometer where measurement is based on the change in resistance of precious metals under temperature influence. Since every metal has a specific resistance characteristic, and dU and dR demonstrate approximately proportional (linear) behavior in precious metals such as platinum, the change in resistance dR can be deduced from the voltage change dU by supplying a constant measurement current. The measurement current is selected as low as possible to minimize self-heating of the resistance thermometer.

 Pt100 sensor element, 2- or 4-wire
 Programmable by touch screen
 Built in graphical display, CombiViewTM DFON optional
 Easy and full programmable with FlexProgrammer 9701
 Head mounted 4...20 mA transmitter
 Measuring ranges -50...400 °C

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