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Clincher Gear Units

Compact And Powerful Parallel Gear Solutions

Clincher Gear Motor

0.16 HP - 268 HP
Torque Range: 974 lb-inch - 885,075 lb-inch

Nord's CLINCHER parallel axle offset for parallel shaft gear units result in a shorter design in comparison with helical gear units.
This makes them an ideal, compact solution for applications where space is restricted. These gear units can be foot, flange, or face mounted.
The cast iron, UNICASE housing concept guarantees long life cycles and low maintenance. In push-on versions with a continuous hollow shaft, the gear unit can be mounted directly onto the drive shaft of the machine. A NORD motor can be attached directly without a coupling, or as an alternative to direct motor attachment, adapters for IEC and NEMA motors and adapters for a free input shaft can be attached.
These units provide outstanding efficiency, performance and service life.

CLINCHER Unit Examples*

Clincher Examples

*Not An Exhaustive List Of Examples


   Slim Design

   Cast Iron Housing

   Low Operating Costs

   High Load Capacities

   Low Maintenance

   Quiet Running

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