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MAXXDRIVE Parallel Shaft Units

Long Term Gear Solutions


2.0 - 8,075 HP
Torque Range: 132,800 - 2,495,900 lbf-in

Nord's parallel gear version of the MAXXDRIVE industrial gear unit is manufactured according to the proven UNICASE housing principle and is available in all sizes.
Because of this design, mixer drives can often be implemented without additional bearings. Large roller bearings and center distances increase the load capacity and service life of the individual components. Effective cooling systems reduce temperatures and extend the life of lubricants.
These units allow for six different possible installation positions, insuring an optimal integration into your application.

dp Technologies Group has the expertise to help you quickly select the optimal unit for your application, and with Nord's exceptional stocking of components, we can achieve excellent lead times saving you both time and money.


MAXXDRIVE Parallel Examples


   Long Service Life

   High Precision

   Optimum Sealing

   High Load Capacities

   Low Maintenance

   Quiet Running

   Highly Adaptable

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