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Nordbloc Gear Units

Powerful Helical Inline Gear Solutions

Nordbloc Gear Motor

0.16 HP - 50 HP
Torque Range: 266 lb-inch - 29,207 lb-inch

The NORDBLOC gear units have two different designs for different torque ranges.
For the lower torque range, NORD has introduced a new NORDBLOC.1 series with design points specifically tailored to their torque range. One key design point for the NORDBLOC.1 units is the use of a corrosion resistant aluminum alloy housing material on case sizes up to the 672.1.

The NORDBLOC size 772.1 and larger units also have key features optimized for their torque ranges, including class 35 grey cast iron housing as opposed to an aluminum alloy housing.
NORD’s modular design philosophy provides you with a competitive edge by allowing you to configure drive systems to exactly fit your applications. Mounted by foot, flange or a combination of both, featuring solid shafts with either metric or inch extensions, giving you complete freedom to specify a drive solution that’s perfect for you.
dp Technologies Group is uniquely qualified to help you select the optimal gearing solution for your application!

NORDBLOC Unit Examples*

Nordbloc Examples

*Not An Exhaustive List Of Examples


   High drive torques

   Cast Iron Or Aluminum Housing

   Application Specific Versions

   Low Operating Costs

   High Load Capacities

   Large speed range

   Low Maintenance

   Quiet Running

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