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AT-H Series | Spiral Bevel Planetary Gearbox


The Apex AT-H series is a right angle spiral bevel gearbox with hollow keyed output and input shaft configuration.
It's high precision and high radial load capacity make the AT-H series suitable for servo applications as well as power transmission solutions. Available in Stainless or Black Oxidized Carbon Steel, the AT-H represents a high performance, durable, long term solution that you can depend on!
Apex Dynamics is a world leader in planetary gearbox manufacturing and technology.

AT-H Series gearboxes are available with the following ratios:

1-Stage: 1/1.5/2/3/4/5

AT Specs

  High Torque

  Low Backlash

  Long Service Life

  Low Heat Generation

  Lubricated For Life

  Maintenance Free Operation

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