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PEIIR Series | Right Angle Planetary Gearbox

The Apex PEIIR series is a high precision economy right angle planetary gearhead.
PEIIR This series design has been optimized for higher accuracy, lower weight and length, and greater motor mounting versatility.
The PEIIR features an industry standard metric tapped face output, carbon steel and aluminum construction, precision bonded housings for greater accuracy and faster, more precise assembly, along with laser welded pinions for the highest concentricity two part assemblies.
Low profile planetary gearing and precision ground spiral bevel right angle gears provide smooth, quiet operation and accuracy. This gearbox is designed to be accurate, quiet, durable, and deliver a long service life.
Apex Dynamics is a world leader in planetary gearbox manufacturing and technology.

 High Torque
 Low Backlash
 Economical and Durable
 Patented Sealing System
 Low Heat Generation
 Easy Installation

PEIIR Series gearboxes are available with the following ratios:

1-Stage: 3/4/5/7/9/10
2-Stage: 15/16/20/25/30/35/40/50/70/81/100


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