Electrak HD Series

Flexible Onboard Controls, Unmatched Environmental Protection

H-Track The Electrak HD is a new electric linear actuator platform with onboard electronics, which can eliminate the need for standalone controls.
Higher power opens a new, wider range of hydraulic applications to electric conversion. And it meets the most extreme OEM component environmental acceptance tests, including IP69K.

Thomson’s Electrak Modular Control System (EMCS) is built into every HD actuator and serves as the foundation for the best onboard controls currently available on the market, including optional CANopen and SAE J1939 CAN bus. EMCS is the culmination of decades of global design application engineering in some of the toughest environments. Optional control functions can eliminate the need for external controls, saving design and installation time, as well as space and installed cost. A generous selection of control configurations can tailor HD to fit a wide breadth of heavy duty applications.

Safety comes first. Each HD electric linear actuator is equipped with the Electronic Monitoring Package, which will constantly monitor critical parameters and take appropriate action as needed. Each unit will reset automatically when conditions return to normal, allowing for operation to continue.

Electrak HD Variants

HD12-B0171.771/581218100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD24-B0171.771/582418100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD12-B0262.640/32 1218100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD24-B0262.640/322418100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD12-B0454.524/19 1218100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD24-B0454.524/192418100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD12-B0686.818/14 1218100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD24-B0686.818/142418100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD12-B1001011/9 1218100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD24-B1001011/92418100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD12-B160167/5 1218100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

HD24-B160167/52418100 - 100025%YesIP69K/IP67/IP66

*See Datasheet For Full Specifications

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