M-Track Series

Light Duty Electric Actuator

M-Track Warner M-Track 1 compact units are completely self-contained and sealed to allow use in small spaces without sacrificing power or capability.
Their load and length capabilities provide solutions for a diverse range of intermittent duty applications.

Functionally, M-Track 1 actuators are easily interchanged with comparable size hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders on intermittent duty applications. The actuator provides consistent, repeatable performance even for applications with operating conditions including temperature extremes, high humidity, or significant dust.

The Acme Screw drive delivers up to 165 pounds (734 N) of force at a minimum extension rate of 0.25 inches (6.35 millimeters) per second.

M-Track Features

M-Track Specifications

M-Track 1734612 - 2413550,100,150,200,254,300256.4-26 to 65IP65 Dynamic,IP69K Temp Immersion w/Boot

*See Datasheet For Full Specifications

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