Electrak MD Series

Electric Linear Actuators

Electrak MD The Electrak MD is a state-of-the-art electric linear actuator designed around the same architecture as its larger sibling, the Electrak HD.
This smart actuator packs a big punch relative to its size and dutifully performs in the harshest environments without the need for service or maintenance. It is ideal in smaller-space, mobile, low-duty applications that are being electrified, such as AGVs and logistics trains where larger actuators are difficult to use, and pneumatics or hydraulics are nearly impossible. Its also a good fit in equipment used to control the flow of materials or to feed empty machines and storage shelves.

These actuators offer basic controllability for simple actuation, or advanced controls to replace external relays and limit switches, provide feedback, and upper tier controls with full CAN bus controllability.
Electrak MD actuators replace external controls with integrated electronics, which simplify and reduce the size of the overall system design. Low-level switching, for example, can replace relay setups, while internal limit switches or potentiometer feedback eliminates complicated and sensitive external sensors.

The Electrak MD is designed for tough applications.
Mud, dirt, dust, water and snow are no problem. This is guaranteed by way of the rigorous testing set out in the Thomson Test Standard, which is based on many years of conducting business with customers carrying the toughest application demands.
Despite the Electrak MD’s housing being shorter than a pencil, the actuator features class-leading power density. It can handle loads up to 2000 N (450 lbs), making it an ideal option to replace both hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in many applications.

Electrak MD Overview

MD12A02525052/43.81250,100,150,200,250,30025%-40 to +85IP67-IP69K / IP66

MD24A02525052/43.82450,100,150,200,250,30025%-40 to 85IP67-IP69K / IP66

MD12A05050028/18.5 1250,100,150,200,250,30025%-40 to 85IP67-IP69K / IP66

MD24A05050028/18.52450,100,150,200,250,30025%-40 to 85IP67-IP69K / IP66

MD12A100100014.5/111250,100,150,200,250,30025%-40 to 85IP67-IP69K / IP66

MD24A100100014.5/112450,100,150,200,250,30025%-40 to 85IP67-IP69K / IP66

MD12A20020007/5.41250,100,150,200,250,30025%-40 to 85IP67-IP69K / IP66

MD24A20020007/5.42450,100,150,200,250,30025%-40 to 85IP67-IP69K / IP66

*See Datasheet For Full Specifications

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