Control Techniques

Mentor II DC Drives

208-660VAC, 3-1000HP

The Mentor II is a DC drive, (available in non-regenerative and regenerative models) easy to configure and possesses powerful diagnostic and communication abilities. The drives microprocessor can eliminate the need for a PLC and set-up is easy using the drive keypad, or MentorSoft software.
Ideally suited for such applications as plastics production, wire drawing, winders, and slitters this drive is your universal DC drive solution. Drives offering supply voltages ranging 208/240 VAC, three phase, support horse power choices of 3 to 500 hp. Drives offering supply voltages ranging 380/480 VAC, three phase, support horsepower choices of 5 to 1000.

Special order voltages (525/660 VAC) are also available. Mentor II drives are available in three integrated designs. Expand and customize your drive with the addition of a MD29, 32-bit, coprocessor card. Communicate on your preferred network by adding a plug-in comms card. Enhance your Mentor II by adding MentorSoft, Windows-based, drive configuration software. Mentor II, intelligence coupled with performance for the advantage in production applications.

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