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Digitax HD 230/460VAC Drives

The Digitax HD is available in three compact frame sizes to meet manufacturing needs (Up to 7.5 kW) with Minimum Size and Maximum Performance. It is available in 4 designs to match your specific servo requirements. From a Basic platform for configuration flexibility, to expanded networking capability (SI Ethernet) to the M753 model with EtherCAT, applications range from simple positioning to precision synchronization and networking. The Digitax HD supports a wide variety of communication protocols including PROFINET RT and EthernetIP for Allen Bradley controllers.
The M754 MCi offers an additional onboard processor for expanded logic programming capability.

Drives are available in 230 VAC to 460 VAC input voltage, single or three phase, and are DIN Rail mountable. The Digitax HD can quickly be configured using a removable keypad (optional). There is an SD Card port that enables parameters to be easily saved and copied from one drive to another. Each drive can have the option to accommodate click-in Option Modules to customize your communication, I/O, feedback, and Co-processing needs.

These drives feature an optimized motor and drive package that creates a single cable solution, common bus for single AC input across multiple drives and Integrated Dual Safe Torque Off. The DC bus is on the front of the drive which makes swapping drives very easy. Additional options include: brake relays, braking resistors, EMC filters, breakout boards, encoders, and all cables needed to put your designs in motion. This smart, compact, ergonomically designed drive, is your ticket to "Motion Made Easy".

Digitax HD Certifications

   Frame sizes up to 7.5 kW

   Motor/Drive single cable solution

   Integrated Dual Safe Torque Off

   Compact and Cost Effective

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