Control Techniques

Commander S100

0.25 hp – 5 hp (0.18 kW – 4 kW)
115 V | 230 V | 480 V

The Control Techniques Commander S series provides a cost-effective solution for installations that require plug and play convenience out of the box.
S100 It is the first drive to to be supplied with an NFC mobile app interface as a standard feature. The MARSHAL App is an easy to use, revolutionary way to interface with the drive covering commissioning, monitoring, diagnostics and support.
It offers a content rich interface with just a few taps of your screen and is free to download from the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

There is a built in RJ45 port for Modbus RTU communications which makes for easy integration to external PLC's or other management systems.
The sleek curved design of Commander S optimizes component layout for a small footprint and easy access to terminals and click-on/click-off DIN rail mount makes installation remarkably easy. Durability is at the core of Commander S design, guaranteeing performance throughout its whole lifetime. In fact it comes with a free five year warranty.

Commander S100 Variants

ModelInput VoltageSupply PhaseMax Continuous Amp OutputPeak CurrentNominal KwMotor HP
S100-01113100/120 Vac +/-10%

S100-01123100/120 Vac +/-10%

S100-01133100/120 Vac +/-10%

S100-03113100/120 Vac +/-10%

S100-03123100/120 Vac +/-10%

S100-03133100/120 Vac +/-10%1691.11.5

S100-01S13200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01213200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-02S11200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01S23200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01223200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-02S21200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01S33200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01233200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-02S31200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01S43200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-02S41200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01243200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01S53200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01253200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-02S51200/240 Vac +/-10%

S100-01D63200/240 Vac +/-10%1 or

S100-02S61200/240 Vac +/-10%1691.11.5

S100-01D73200/240 Vac +/-10%1 or 37.511.251.52

S100-02S71200/240 Vac +/-10%16.810.21.52

S100-03D13200/240 Vac +/-10%1 or 310.615.92.23

S100-02413380/480 Vac +/-10%

S100-02423380/480 Vac +/-10%31.72.550.550.75

S100-02433380/480 Vac +/-10%

S100-02443380/480 Vac +/-10%

S100-02453380/480 Vac +/-10%33.75.551.52

S100-02463380/480 Vac +/-10%35.37.952.23

S100-03413380/480 Vac +/-10%37.210.833

S100-03423380/480 Vac +/-10%38.813.245

App Store

    Quick And Easy Commissioning

    Free Drive Interface Mobile App

    Optimized For Simple Applications

    Plug And Play Convenience

    Saves Time, Energy And Money

    Click-on/click-off DIN Rail Mounting

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