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Mentor MP DC Drive

The Mentor MP is the latest and most advanced DC drive from Control Techniques.
The Mentor MP integrates the most recent advances in DC drive technology with the control platform of the Unidrive SP, known throughout the industry as the foremost AC drive. The Mentor MP offers system-wide interface flexibility.
Coupling an existing DC motor with a Mentor MP drive may allow you to retain existing equipment, while upgrading the overall reliability of your system. Providing a digital interface between the DC motor and the control equipment used to operate a system allows for an unprecedented level of DC motor control, enhancing system reliability and increasing motor performance.
Interfacing is greatly simplified, using commonly available Ethernet or Fieldbus connections. DC drive technology continues to present unique advantages. DC drives present simple implementation, high efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. DC drives excel in applications having high-power or regenerative aspects.

Common Applications for Mentor MP drives may include:

Mentor MP DC Drive

   Metal Working And Moving

   Cranes, Hoists, and Elevators

   Loading Testing Installations

   Drawing Metals Into Wire

   Marine Applications

   Extrusion Machines

   Material Handling

   Amusement Park Rides

   Crushing Machinery

   Paper Manufacturing and Handling

   AC Drive Systems Connected To DC Buses

Advantages of Mentor MP drives:

Provides unprecedented flexibility through the combination of Control Techniques' AC control platform with a DC drive

Maximized reliability maintained through a proprietary protection system that guards against low-quality or fluctuating industrial power supplies and surges, such as those caused by lightning

Control circuits offer high degree of protection including galvanic isolation from high-voltage circuitry using a patent-pending technology

Simplified networking using common communication protocols such as Ethernet, EtherCAT, and PROFIBUS

Plug-and-play upgrade from the Mentor II drive, offering identical footprint and connection locations, as well as software tools for conversion

Reduction in system harmonics provided by 6, 12, and 24 pulse options

Compliance with RoHS

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