Control Techniques

Digistart D3 200-440 | 380-690VAC

Motor Starting and Management System

The Digistart D3 series utilizes the latest technology in soft starters, including new adaptive acceleration technology for the ultimate in control. The Digistart D3 is a complete motor starting and management system with an extensive range of features in a single user friendly package.
Never before has motor control been so simple for jobs of all sizes and needs, such as pumps, band saws, conveyors and more. Benefits of the Digital Soft Starter Digistart D3 include Models from 23 A to 1600 A, 200-440 VAC and 380-690 VAC models, In-line Motor Connections, Control Voltage 110 V - 460, Adaptive Acceleration Control, Simple Installation, User friendly controls, Complete feature set, Ultimate motor protection and “Power Through” emergency operation.

D3 Softstarter

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