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RDR-E Nabtesco's RDR-E is a right angle input type precision reduction gearhead model (Solid Series)
The RD2 series introduces the right angle type as a new input option. The right angle input allows for the creation of lower profile designs to be set up in smaller spaces. Especially useful for turn table applications, the right angle input type maintains high accuracy positioning while allowing for space saving, low profile designs.

RDR-E Variants

Item RatioRated TRQ (NM)Accel/Decel TRQ (NM)Rated Output (RPM)Max Input (RPM)Backlash (Arc/Min)
RDR-006E3158117303500less than 2
RDR-006E4358117303500less than 2
RDR-006E5458117303500less than 2
RDR-006E7958117303500less than 2
RDR-006E10358117303500less than 2
RDR-020E41108271153500less than 1.5
RDR-020E57151378153500less than 1.5
RDR-020E81167412153500less than 1.5
RDR-020E105167412153500less than 1.5
RDR-020E121167412153500less than 1.5
RDR-020E161167412153500less than 1.5
RDR-040E414001000153000less than 1.5
RDR-040E574121029153000less than 1.5
RDR-040E814121029153000less than 1.5
RDR-040E1054121029153000less than 1.5
RDR-040E1214121029153000less than 1.5
RDR-040E1534121029153000less than 1.5
RDR-080E414001000153000less than 1.5
RDR-080E575561390153000less than 1.5
RDR-080E817841960153000less than 1.5
RDR-080E1017841960153000less than 1.5
RDR-080E1217841960153000less than 1.5
RDR-080E1537841960153000less than 1.5
RDR-160E6615683920152000less than 1.5
RDR-160E8115683920152000less than 1.5
RDR-160E10115683920152000less than 1.5
RDR-160E12115683920152000less than 1.5

   Major motor coupling Parts included

   Sealed grease

   Internal main bearing

   Right Angle Input Type


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