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RV-N Inline Cycloidal Gear Reducer

Nabtesco RV-N Nabtesco RV-N Inline Cycloidal Gear Reducers Based on their top-selling RV-E series reduction gears; Nabtesco has developed the equally powerful, yet smaller and lighter version, the RV-N series. Up to 20% smaller and 36% lighter (reducing inertia and improving load conditions) than RV-E gearboxes with equivalent performance, the RV-N series provides high ratio availability (up to 185:1) without increasing gearbox size. This new compact class of reduction gears achieves extreme precision with high torsional rigidity and low wear with less than 1 arc-min of backlash. Perfect for robotics, rotary tables, machine tools, or any application that requires high torque ratings but has limited space. A main bearing with integrated inner ring enables compact size, while reinforcement of the eccentric shaft bearing produces a very high power density. Integrated angular contact bearings for large thrust and overhung moment capacity, with torque capacity up to 5 times rated torque for emergency stops. All gear components were FEA optimized and subjected to special heat tempering resulting in high thermal stability and significantly longer service life. The RV-N series in available in a variety of sizes, with rated torques from 245 to 7,000 Nm, for numerous applications.

RV-N Variants

Item RatioRated TRQ (NM)Accel/Decel TRQ (NM)Rated Output (RPM)Backlash (Arc/Min)
RV-25N4124561215less than 1
RV-25N8124561215less than 1
RV-25N107.6624561215less than 1
RV-25N12624561215less than 1
RV-25N13724561215less than 1
RV-25N164.0724561215less than 1
RV-42N41412102915less than 1
RV-42N81412102915less than 1
RV-42N105412102915less than 1
RV-42N126412102915less than 1
RV-42N141412102915less than 1
RV-42N164.07412102915less than 1
RV-60N41600150015less than 1
RV-60N81600150015less than 1
RV-60N102.17600150015less than 1
RV-60N121600150015less than 1
RV-60N145.61600150015less than 1
RV-60N161600150015less than 1
RV-80N41784196015less than 1
RV-80N81784196015less than 1
RV-80N101784196015less than 1
RV-80N129784196015less than 1
RV-80N141784196015less than 1
RV-80N171784196015less than 1
RV-100N411000250015less than 1
RV-100N811000250015less than 1
RV-100N102.171000250015less than 1
RV-100N1211000250015less than 1
RV-100N1411000250015less than 1
RV-100N1611000250015less than 1
RV-125N411225306215less than 1
RV-125N811225306215less than 1
RV-125N102.171225306215less than 1
RV-125N1211225306215less than 1
RV-125N145.611225306215less than 1
RV-125N1611225306215less than 1
RV-160N411600400015less than 1
RV-160N811600400015less than 1
RV-160N102.811600400015less than 1
RV-160N125.211600400015less than 1
RV-160N1561600400015less than 1
RV-160N2011600400015less than 1
RV-380N753724931015less than 1
RV-380N933724931015less than 1
RV-380N1173724931015less than 1
RV-380N1393724931015less than 1
RV-380N1623724931015less than 1
RV-380N1853724931015less than 1
RV-500N8149001225015less than 1
RV-500N10549001225015less than 1
RV-500N12349001225015less than 1
RV-500N14449001225015less than 1
RV-500N15949001225015less than 1
RV-500N192.7549001225015less than 1
RV-700N10570001750015less than 1
RV-700N11870001750015less than 1
RV-700N142.4470001750015less than 1
RV-700N15970001750015less than 1
RV-700N18370001750015less than 1
RV-700N203.5270001750015less than 1

   Backlash less than 1 arc. min.

   Lost motion less than 1 arc. min.

   Excellent accuracy, rigidity, torque

   Easy to use design

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