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RVP-B Positioner Unit

RV-P The Nabtesco RVP-B BBQ positioner unit includes the optimal gearhead with base flange. All the major parts are included, which means that man-hours needed for design and production can be greatly reduced. Multiple different reduction ratio choices means that the customer can choose the best possible combination for their application.
The RVP-B positioner is designed to accommodate motors from all major servo motor manufacturers. Furthermore, the high-rigidity, shock resistant frame allows for easy transportation and handling.

RVP-B Variants

ItemTypeMass (Kg)Max Load (Kg)Max C.O.G. (mm)Ratio RotaryMax Start/Stop Torque RotaryBacklash Rotary
RVP-B10CHollow shaft7021000250100.524501
RVP-B10CHollow shaft702100025015024501
RVP-B10CHollow shaft702100025021024501
RVP-B10CHollow shaft702100025025824501
RVP-B10ESolid shaft71810004006639201
RVP-B10ESolid shaft71810004008139201
RVP-B10ESolid shaft718100040010139201
RVP-B10ESolid shaft718100040012139201
RVP-B10ESolid shaft718100040014539201
RVP-B10ESolid shaft718100040017139201

   Choose from multiple reduction ratios

   Supports all major servo motors

   Includes all the main parts needed

   High shock resistance frame

   High accuracy positioning

RVP-B Application

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