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RV-E Standard Inline Cycloidal Gear Reducer

Nabtesco RV-E The RV-E Series gearhead by Nabtesco is a high-precision gearhead providing extreme precision and high performance in a very compact, ready-to-mount package.
This series features a wide range of ratios (up to 185:1 by changing the first stage gear combinations) and high torsional rigidity. Vibrations are minimized by the patented two stage cycloidal reduction mechanism, prolonging equipment life.
The gear teeth are in continuous contact with the cycloidal pin, resulting in a gearhead with very low backlash (less than 1 arc-min), low wear and long life expectancy along with the ability to handle high shock loads -- up to five times the rated torque for emergency stops.
This reducer is supported on both ends by large angular bearings to provide large moment capacities, eliminating external support devices and simplifying installation.

RV-E Variants

Item RatioRated TRQ (NM)Accel/Decel TRQ (NM)Rated Output (RPM)Backlash (Arc/Min)
RV-006E315811730less than 1.5
RV-006E435811730less than 1.5
RV-006E53.55811730less than 1.5
RV-006E595811730less than 1.5
RV-006E795811730less than 1.5
RV-006E1035811730less than 1.5
RV-020E5716741215less than 1
RV-020E8116741215less than 1
RV-020E10516741215less than 1
RV-020E12116741215less than 1
RV-020E14116741215less than 1
RV-020E16116741215less than 1
RV-040E57412102915less than 1
RV-040E81412102915less than 1
RV-040E105412102915less than 1
RV-040E121412102915less than 1
RV-040E153412102915less than 1
RV-080E57784196015less than 1
RV-080E81784196015less than 1
RV-080E101784196015less than 1
RV-080E121784196015less than 1
RV-080E153784196015less than 1
RV-110E811078269515less than 1
RV-110E1111078269515less than 1
RV-110E1611078269515less than 1
RV-110E175.281078269515less than 1
RV-160E811568392015less than 1
RV-160E1011568392015less than 1
RV-160E1291568392015less than 1
RV-160E1451568392015less than 1
RV-160E1711568392015less than 1
RV-320E813136784015less than 1
RV-320E1013136784015less than 1
RV-320E118.53136784015less than 1
RV-320E1293136784015less than 1
RV-320E1413136784015less than 1
RV-320E1713136784015less than 1
RV-320E1853136784015less than 1
RV-450E8144101102515less than 1
RV-450E10144101102515less than 1
RV-450E118.544101102515less than 1
RV-450E12944101102515less than 1
RV-450E154.844101102515less than 1
RV-450E17144101102515less than 1
RV-450E192.444101102515less than 1

   Backlash less than 1 arc. min.

   Internal main bearing

   Lost motion less than 1 arc. min.

   Excellent accuracy, rigidity, torque

   Easy to use design

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