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RDSE The RDS-E From Nabtesco is a complete ready-to-mount solid input type Gearhead set offering extreme precision (Less than 1 arc min backlash) and durability.
Ready-To-Mount means minimal assembly time for an easy installation (Grease Included)
Nabtesco has made the RDS-E gearbox available in hollow or solid shaft configurations with Integrated Angular bearings for large thrust & overhung moment capacity and available universal motor shaft connection to meet your solid input type specifications.
Featuring a wide range of ratios (Up to 258:1) and high torque capacity up to five times rated torque (E-Stop) the RDS-E series is the compact, highly reliable and cost effective solution for your solid input driven gearbox requirements.

RDS-E Variants

Item RatioRated TRQ (NM)Accel/Decel TRQ (NM)Rated Output (RPM)Max Input (RPM)Backlash (Arc/Min)Max Thrust Load (N)
RDS-006E3158117303500less than 1.51470
RDS-006E4358117303500less than 1.51470
RDS-006E5458117303500less than 1.51470
RDS-006E7958117303500less than 1.51470
RDS-006E10358117303500less than 1.51470
RDS-020E41167412153500less than 13920
RDS-020E57167412153500less than 13920
RDS-020E81167412153500less than 13920
RDS-020E105167412153500less than 13920
RDS-020E121167412153500less than 13920
RDS-020E161167412153500less than 13920
RDS-040E414121029153000less than 15194
RDS-040E574121029153000less than 15194
RDS-040E814121029153000less than 15194
RDS-040E1054121029153000less than 15194
RDS-040E1214121029153000less than 15194
RDS-040E1534121029153000less than 15194
RDS-080E417841960153000less than 17840
RDS-080E577841960153000less than 17840
RDS-080E817841960153000less than 17840
RDS-080E1017841960153000less than 17840
RDS-080E1217841960153000less than 17840
RDS-080E1537841960153000less than 17840
RDS-160E6615683920152000less than 114700
RDS-160E8115683920152000less than 114700
RDS-160E10115683920152000less than 114700
RDS-160E12115683920152000less than 114700
RDS-160E14515683920152000less than 114700
RDS-160E17115683920152000less than 114700
RDS-320E6631367840152000less than 119600
RDS-320E8131367840152000less than 119600
RDS-320E10131367840152000less than 119600
RDS-320E12131367840152000less than 119600
RDS-320E14131367840152000less than 119600
RDS-320E18531367840152000less than 119600

   Backlash less than 1 arc. min.

   Major motor coupling Parts included

   Lost motion less than 1 arc. min.

   Sealed grease

   Internal main bearing

   Easy to use design


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