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NT Rotary Table Cycloidal Gear Reducer

This series features a wide range of ratios (up to 400:1 by changing the first stage gear combinations) and high torsional rigidity in a single compact package.
Nabtesco NT Reducer Vibrations are minimized by the patented two stage cycloidal reduction mechanism, prolonging equipment life. A center through-hole (up to 5" diameter) and off-set motor mounting options provide additional space-saving potential, by routing hoses or wiring for example.
The NT hollow shaft series is also available in right angle configurations for even more possibilities. The gear teeth are in continuous contact with the cycloidal pin, resulting in a gearhead with very low backlash (less than 1 arc-min), low wear and long life expectancy, along with the ability to handle high shock loads -- up to five times the rated torque for emergency stops.
This reducer is supported on both ends by large angular bearings to provide large moment capacities, eliminating external support devices and simplifying installation.

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