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RA Cycloidal Gear Reducer

The RA Series is the final answer when it comes to tooling positioning. Now you can use the same gearhead to drive each of your ATC arms and magazines, APC, and turrets. Nabtesco RA Reducer Using the same gearhead obviously provides you with a tremendous advantage, as the easy interchangeability of parts means you maintain fewer parts on hand, and are able to recover more quickly. The small size of the RA series doesn't mean that it has a small list of features. Using the latest in design technologies, Nabtesco has once again answered the needs of industry with an innovative solution. Features included with every gearhead in the RA series include:

- Giant shock load capabilities - nearly five times the rated torque capacity!
- Rock-solid and resistant to torsional loads
- Extremely low backlash is provided by the RA series's precision construction (one arc-minute or less!)
- Compact size while maintaining very large rated torque capacity due to unique design and high-strength materials

The simple but robust design of the RA series gives you gearhead that requires no maintenance. Installation and design times are significantly lower than competing products due the nature of the RA series's design and construction. These features provide you with an immediate realization of cost savings over other products. The extended life cycle of the RA series means that you will continue to see the cost savings over the life of the gear head. Integrated main bearings ensure a prolonged life-cycle, even with heavy loads. Excellent design, high-strength materials, freedom from maintenance, and interchangeability add up to the perfect solution for your positioning needs. All in a single unit - the RA series from Nabtesco.