Exlar Roller Screw

EL Series | Exlposion Proof Linear Actuator with Patented Roller Screw Technology

The EL series by Exlar are explosion-proof actuators rated for Class 1, div 1, Groups B, C, and D. These actuators are suitable when the air may contain flammable vapors in concentrations high enough to create a risk of a explosive or ignitable atmosphere. Group B includes atmospheres where hydrogen or similar gases, such as manufactured gas, may be present. Exlar EL Quarter View.jpg Group C includes ethyl-ether, ethylene or cyclopropane. Group D includes atmospheres where gasoline, alcohol, acetone, butane, hexane, naphtha, benzene, benzol, lacquer solvent vapors, or natural gas may be present. EL series actuators are not recommended for acetylene atmospheres. The Exlar EL series features roller screw technology, converting servo motor motion into linear motion control. Threaded helical rollers disposed around a central shaft in a planetary type construction provide high load capacity for thousands of hours in high demand environments. The brushless servo motor of the EL series is compatible with advanced closed loop systems, providing a highly dependable linear motion control solution when speed and position control is critical. The motor housing is sealed to protect components from atmospheric contaminants, and the seal mechanism on the extending rod prevents the intrusion of abrasive contaminants. The EL series is a highly reliable actuator suitable for replacing existing hydraulic units. The EL electric actuator provides high repeatability, precision speed and position control, and much higher efficiency than hydraulic systems. The Microsoft Windows-based control program simplifies installation and operation, featuring easy slide bar controls for tuning the motor and setting valve commands. The EL series offers easier installation, less maintenance, and lower overall cost than hydraulic actuator systems.

EL Series Ordering Information

Model Series = EL Series GGG = Feedback Options (Please indicate the amplifier to be used to power the actuator.)
AA = Frame Size XX1 = Custom Feedback Mount - purchaser must supply drawing of feedback device and desired wiring drawings.
30 = 3 inch nominal 001 = Standard Feedback Mount - actuator is supplied ready for size 15 resolver, includes .375 mm shaft
BB = Nominal Stroke Length 002 = Same as above, 8 mm shaft
03 = 3 inches AB6 = Allen Bradley 13944 (resolver, replaces AB2)
06 = 6 inches API = API resolver based (resolver)
XX = Special stroke not to exceed 6 inches AM3 = Advanced Motion Controls (resolver)
CC = Screw Lead BD2 = Baldor Flex Series (resolver) (replaces BD1)
01 = 0.1 inches BM2 =Baumueller bmaXX & BUM series (resolver)
02 = 0.2 inches BO1 = Bosch (resolver)
05 = 0.5 inches CC1 = Cleveland Machine Controls (resolver)
XX = Special CM1 = Comau PICO (resolver)
DDD = Connector Options CS1 = Custom Servo Motors MPA, MPSL (resolver)
N## = Potted NPT with flying leads EL1 = Elmo Motion Control (resolver)
X## = length of flying leads in feet EM4 = Emerson UniDrive SP (resolver)
E = Mounting EX4 = Exlar SV Series (resolver) (replaces EX3)
F = Front Flange IN4 = Indramat ECO Drive, Standard resolver (resolver) (replaces IN3)
C = Rear Clevis KM1 = Kollmorgen Servostar and Servostar CD Series2 230V (resolver)
H = Threaded Face KM5 = Kollmorgen Servostar 600 Series2 460V (resolver) (replaces KM2)
X = Special LZ5 = Lenze 9300 Series (resolver)
F= Rod Ends MD1 = Modicon (resolver)
M = Male, US Standard Thread MX1 = Metronix ARS Series (resolver)
A = Male, Metric Standard Thread OR1 = Ormec (resolver)
F = Female, US Standard Thread PC1 = Parker Compumotor Apex & Z Series (resolver)
B = Female, Metric Thread PC7 = Parker Compumotor Compax 3 (resolver)
X = Special (please specify) PC0 = Parker Compumotor with resolver, Parker PS connectors (resolver)
PS3 = Pacific Scientific SC900, 700 Series (resolver) (replaces PS1)
SM2 = Siemens (resolver)
SP2 = In Motion PAM Series (resolver)
WD1 = Whedco (resolver)
HHH = Motor Stator
1A8 = 1 stack, 24 Vrms 8 pole
1B8 = 1 stack, 48 Vrms, 8 pole
118 = 1 stack, 115 Vrms, 8 pole
138 = 1 stack, 230 Vrms, 8 pole
158 = 1 stack, 400 Vrms, 8 pole
168 = 1 stack, 460 Vrms, 8 pole
2A8 = 2 stack, 24 Vrms, 8 pole
2B8 = 2 stack, 48 Vrms, 8 pole
218 = 2 stack, 115 Vrms, 8 pole
238 = 2 stack, 230 Vrms, 8 pole
258 = 2 stack, 400 Vrms, 8 pole
268 = 2 stack, 460 Vrms, 8 pole
318 = 3 stack, 115 Vrms, 8 pole
338 = 3 stack, 230 Vrms, 8 pole
358 = 3 stack, 400 Vrms, 8 pole
368 = 3 stack, 460 Vrms, 8 pole
X = Special Voltage Rating, not to exceed 460 Volts
II = Motor Speed
01-99 = Two digit number - rated speed in rpm x 100
JJJ = Hazardous Location Temperature Rating
T3B = 180 degrees C (Samarium Cobalt magnets)
T4 = 135 degrees C (Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets)
XX = Optional Mechanical Designations - Multiples possible
XL = Special lubrication
PF = Preloaded follower1
XT = Special travel option
##### = Part No. Designator for Specials
Optional 5 digit assigned part number to designate unique model number for specials
1. Preloaded follower option is not available with absolute internal feedback options. The dynamic load rating of preloaded screws is 63% of the rating of non-preloaded screws. Travel life of preloaded screws is 25% of non-preloaded screws of same size in same application.
2. Kollmorgen ServoStar series amplifiers require motor data files for operation with EL Series actuators. These files can be downloaded. Inquire with Exlar applications engineers for details.
4. Use of the Allen Bradley 1394 requires assistance from Allen Bradley to configure the axis for a custom motor.

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